Open-Source Intelligence Services
Why Open-Source Intelligence Services?
The organization or individual members of staff may have been knowingly or unknowingly breached in the past and credentials and confidential information are floating around the web. Example of information we regularly find through OSINT includes:
Service Description
Open-Source Intelligence is a service which gathers publicly available information which is of concern to an organization. We are using both automated and manual techniques to search clear web, deep web and dark web for business relevant information which should not be public.
Tests performed
Our testing methodologies are aligned with the NIST and SANS testing frameworks and includes the following: Secrets in public repositories such as GitHub, identification of open or weakly secure storage such as AWS S3 buckets, analysis of unprotected JavaScript files on customer applications, identification of secrets such as API keys in publicly viewable application source code and looking for misconfigure DNS subdomains which could lead to a takeover.
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